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Today, healthcare can be broken down into two main categories, reactive and proactive. Reactive healthcare takes place after an individual has shown symptoms of an illness or disease, while proactive healthcare involves patients and physicians working together to identify and address health problems before they advance through frequent checkups and screenings. Unfortunately, today, most Americans focus on reactive healthcare and will only seek out medical care if they are experiencing debilitating or severe symptoms. Since its foundation in 2012, MedComp Sciences has become a leader in proactive healthcare and promoted the importance of patient agency in regards to preventative health screening. Within this site, MedComp Sciences will provide readers with an overview of the most common health concerns, those most at risk, and how MedComp Sciences’ proactive health services can help. 

Be Aware of Your Current Health Risks 

To stay proactive regarding your healthcare, individuals must first know what health concerns they have the greatest risk of developing. Oftentimes, people’s first thought when identifying potential health risks is to look to their family’s medical history; however, other factors such as age and lifestyle can also indicate a higher potential for health risks.


As we age, the chances of developing a variety of diseases and conditions increase. While many young adults may feel that frequent health screenings and proactive healthcare are unnecessary due to their age, those in their 20s and 30s are still susceptible to health risks when unmonitored. Some health concerns associated with different ages include; 

 Most Common Health Concerns for those 20-29: 

– Immune disorders

– Diabetes

– Sexually transmitted diseases

– Issues with birth control, pregnancy, and infertility 

Most Common Health Concerns for those 30-39:

– Diabetes 

– Cervical cancer

– Testicular cancer 

– High blood pressure

Most Common Health Concerns for those 40-49

– Heart disease 

– Type 2 diabetes

– Risk of stroke 

– Cancer 

Most Common Health Concerns for those 50-59

– Obesity 

– High blood pressure

– Diabetes

– Osteoporosis 

Family’s Medical History – A family health history is an excellent tool that can help individuals identify whether they have a high chance of developing common disorders such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and various cancers. Common illnesses are influenced by various factors such as environmental conditions, lifestyle choices, and genetics. For this reason, a common disorder that frequently appears in a family tree is typically a good indicator or potential risk and should be considered when scheduling future health screenings.  


While there are many ways that individuals can stay proactive in their healthcare, perhaps the most important is choosing a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who are at a higher risk for developing common disorders can reduce their risk through specific lifestyle measures. For example, those who are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure can reduce their likelihood of developing the disorder by eating heart-healthy foods, staying active with frequent cardio exercises, and staying away from substances like cigarettes and alcohol. 

How MedComp Sciences Can Help Individuals Practice Proactive Healthcare 

MedComp Sciences offers patients a variety of health services designed to promote patient agency and proactive healthcare. Through MedComp Sciences, patients can choose to participate in DNA testing and receive information on their likelihood of developing a variety of diseases and conditions, how their body will react to over 150 medications and the appropriate dosages for their metabolism. After patients have discussed the results of their DNA testing with a physician, patients are able to work with MedComp Sciences and their provider partners to develop a tailored plan for enhanced health and wellbeing. In addition to their work in proactive healthcare, MedComp Sciences has also been recognized for promoting technological innovation within their practice. As we continue to move towards a tech-driven society, MedComp Sciences believes that healthcare must keep pace with tech innovations and utilize different forms of technology within their patient care. For this reason, all patients are provided with the MedComp Sciences healthcare app, which allows patients to track their health progress and stay informed and up-to-date on their healthcare needs. 

Readers who are interested in learning more about the importance of proactive healthcare, most common health risks associated with certain groups, and how MedComp Sciences health services can help are encouraged to return to this site for future updates and entries.